Joy Ride Bike Tours Amsterdam
Joy Ride Bike Tours Amsterdam
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Jewish History in the Low Country

During the diaspora, the Jewish people were dispersed into two directions; to Spain and to northern Europe, mainly Germany. The Jews from Spain and Portugal were known as Sephardic, and those from Northern Europe were known as Ashkenazi.

In Amsterdam, both groups lived together for centuries, giving Amsterdam the nickname "Mokum." This name is still commonly used by Amsterdammers when referring to their city and the name is of Hebrew origin. On this historic tour, we discuss many different topics such as; why people of the Jewish faith were drawn to Amsterdam, the influence of the diamond cutters union and what happened in Amsterdam during World War II.

We see the old Jewish quarter and market, the Jewish Historical Museum (entrance fee not included in tour price), the old synagogue and the Anne Frank house. Later, we stop at the memorials for the Jewish council and end with a coffee or cognac in the stunning Art Deco Tuschinski Theater (providing there are no VIP events are taking place that day).

Private tours are available 7 days a week. We are often fully booked, so an advanced reservation and a deposit are preferred.

All our private tours are on high quality Electra Townie Bikes.

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